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What a gifted writer and emotional read.  ACOP Conf.  Eston SK   June 3/08

I confess I love a good book and best like to read in one sitting.  I had decided not to start this one till I got home and I could eat it up.  But I confess – I started it between breakfast and first meeting and loved it so I wanted to stay curled up and missed the meeting.   Laura Freeman      dfreeman100@hotmail.com    (Facebook queen)    ACOP conf., Eston SK   June 4/08

Read it right through!  Couldn’t stop!   Great!!!  (Angela B., Pangman SK)   June 1/08

Opened my eyes somewhat to what a person suffers in such a condition, going thru what she suffered.    MWalton, Regina, Sk

What an extraordinary young woman!  Thank you for publishing her book and sharing her story.  Linda Francis 

It helped me understand a whole lot more what people suffer with that disease.  Good book!   LP

This book gives those with no experience with cancer some of the details of the procedures and suffering that are endured.  Linda Parkyn, Regina Sk 

I didn’t realize how much they suffered.  Very good book.    Mert Lillijard, Pangman, SK

What a great author!  (anonymous but repeated many times in many places to us constantly – in both languages!)

Hola, We just received our copies of Arlene's book and loved it.  I couldn't put it down until I finished it.  What a tribute to God's love it is, all the way through!   (Mernee Hernandez, Sn Antonio TX) July 15/08,

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