2Tim 2:2 - 2
And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

We started our Bible school in ministry in 1995 in a local church but in 1998 we had to move it to rented space in the center of the city and then from there to an even larger space in 2001.  We had a good number of students and some wanted more teaching so we stared Sun. evening services which eventually led us to declare ourselves a church startup and we also changed to Sun a.m. service in Sept 2002.  We had rented a facility for the Bible school and church ministry that served us well for the following 8 years.  It was on a main artery of the city and the bus traffic passing our door just kept growing too.  For those who came by bus that was great but eventually it became very problematic for those who wanted to come by car- there was no parking.  At the beginning of 2010 a good friend asked if we’d be interested in a property he had in the south of the city.  A few months later work began to stucco and electrify that property so that by the first Sunday of October 2010 we were able to celebrate our first services there.  It wasn’t painted yet and it lacked bathrooms still but we weren’t paying over $1000 US /month in rent so there was money then to install bathrooms, etc. in.   Today we have offices for the ministry there that covers the three phases of ministry that the Lord has given us, plus we are able to house both the church and the Bible school ministries as well as youth and outreach ministries too.

Our CCGG Church History:  The Grace and Glory Community church was founded in 2002 out of a challenge from the Lord to minister to the body of Christ in our city from the stand point of a Grace message more than was being ministered in other Pentecostal churches that mainly followed the Church of Christ or Assemblies of God line of ministry.  We also wanted to place more of an emphasis on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit in the life of the believer.

It hasn’t all been easy.  The growth we’ve wanted hasn’t come.  For a time it seemed we had more of a Christian hospital ministry as many hurt Christians began to come in.  When we moved to our present location that has ample parking, we lost nearly 50% of the congregation because instead of walking a block from the bus stop, we were 8 blocks from the bus on one side and 7 on the other side to reach the buses.  So, we’ve struggled some but we believe the tide has turned and we are heading for open waters and growth again.   Our new headquarters is right in front of a fanatical RC high school that doesn’t want parents or students to even talk to us it seems.  The house beside us belongs to a priest and there are several RC churches within the 4 to 5 block radius.  Pray the Lord will give us a break through with the people that are all tied up with the cares of the world and materialism – so much so they have no time to think about heavenly things.  It is even a battle for believers to keep their minds on heavenly things these days too.

Publishing and Recording History: Our Ministry life in Mexico has been divided up doing two or three ministries for many years now.  In the first years it was a musical prophetic/teaching ministry as we travelled while growing in our ability in the ministry here in Mexico.   In 1987 when we returned to live and minister in Mexico, we renewed the travelling end of ministry but also began to record many Praise and Worship (mainly) cassettes – that was before CD’s.  I worked in the studio mixing and mastering both for ourselves and others.  We also published two different Praise and Worship song books.  The first one and its revision were rather extensive (over 200 choruses) while the later contained about 35.  The revised version  of our first song book sold many thousands of copies in our absence from the field those 7½ years we were home in Canada and gave us a wide open door of ministry to the church during those first years back in Mexico.

The History of Our Ministry...

Some of our ministries:

Bible School:  Instituto México Canadiense Logos A.C.

The Mexico Canadian ISOM-Logos Bible Institute

The International Curriculum of ISOM

Help facilitate increased growth in six areas.

Revista Alianza.


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