Want to learn more about David and Rowene and their Ministry..

To us were born two lovely children, a son and a daughter. Since 1987 our family has lived in Puebla Mexico where our children went to school five days a week but for between 12-15 years on the weekends we were traveling almost constantly, singing and preaching for Jesus in our Plymouth Voyager vans (we’ve worn out several now!).   The kids both graduated from high school in Puebla but our daughter Arlene lived the last 6 ½ years of her life of 20 years and 6 months, enduring a (long) battle of faith with limphomatic leukemia or cancer. She had 3 years chemotherapy, then three years of remission but suffered a sudden relapse in early April 2003 and in 12 weeks died bidding us “Hasta luego” y “hasta mañana” as she left us for her heavenly calling in late June 2003.  In September 2000 she had a 30 minute interview with his HRH Prince Charles of Whales in Buckingham Palace in London England organized by Make-a-Wish Organization.  During the three years she was free from leukemia she authored her book leaving us the manuscript corrected and almost ready to publish.  We called it “A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming”.   It was very difficult for us to work with the final publishing preparations hence 5 years passed before it was first published in English.  Her book has now been published in both English and Spanish (“Una Princesa Conoce a Su Prinicipe Azul”) and it is still impacting people through her story of faith in Jesus.

Our son Michael graduated from high school here in Mexico, studied computer skills for a while before spending 4 years in Canada but now is back in Puebla.  He attended Bible school and learned a trade repairing auto interiors with his uncles company. He courted Darling and married her in July 2012.  He is happily married and lives and works with us here in the church as a musician and minister, who together with his mother, leads the Praise and Worship portion of our church services.  Professionally, he loves photography so it is only natural he works as a wedding and events photographer capturing and then perfecting digitally those memories for his clients.   His wife Darling, a professional educator (M.A. in Education), teaches professionally, leads a children’s ministry on Saturdays and also directs the Sunday School ministry on Sundays.  Michael and his wife are also our youth leaders, he is the church sound technician, and works closely with me in the Logos Bible and ISOM schools, helping train new leaders who are in the process of arising to serve their Lord in His church that is growing rapidly, awaiting new leaders to take it onward and upward, till Jesus comes again.  We usually have about 3 to 6 satellite Bible schools operating with usually a total of 30 to 75 students studying in them in any given trimester.  Our Bible school system runs on a 12 week trimester system and we run three trimesters a year.  It takes therefore about 1½ years to complete the 5 Trimesters of studies of the first level.   Those completing the 5 trimesters are then eligible to continue working toward their Bachelor of Bible Studies degree granted to them through Logos Christian College in Jacksonville FL. 

I am a member of the Logos network of schools throughout the world, seeking to educate and give recognition to students everywhere for their studies through a degree program like ours.

Our Personal History

This ministry was born over 40 years ago in 1970 and 1971 when the Lord joined my wife’s and my hearts (Rowene and David) together and there was a desire then to serve the Lord together in our own country and internationally.  We married in August 1971.  At that time we were still in Canada but before we married it was decided by both one day we’d be in missions work in Mexico.   After 4 years of marriage we took our first missions trip as part of a team to Belize and Guatemala. While in Latin America that time we also visited and ministered in Cuba and Mexico. Our hearts were sure, this was God’s plan for us – mission work in Latin America.  We returned to Canada for three months but were only there three months before returning to Mexico.  We spent the next 4 years going through Spanish Language School and becoming fluent in Spanish, doing praise and worship ministry in conferences and interdenominationally in many churches, jail ministry evangelization & beginning our publication and recordings ministry living most of that time in Guadalajara Mexico.

In July 79 we returned for the biggest part of 7½ years to Canada while awaiting the signal to “GO again to Mexico”.   We’ve now spent more than 33 years in ministry in Mexico, mainly based out of Puebla, a city located 120 Kms East SE of Mexico city, in a mountain plateau valley (7000 feet above sea level) and in a city of now more than 3 million people. Today, we have a strong Bible school program operating in Puebla and also we have several satellite schools outside Puebla.  We continue to publish a bi-monthly Christian magazine called Revista Christiana ALIANZA and maintain it’s distribution network crossing the nation. We minister in a thriving, growing, local church planted in 2002.